Double Rainbow Unicorn Cake

By Fongolicious - December 05, 2011

OMG! Double rainbow across sky! *Sob *Sob! All the way to Candy Mountain Char-lieeee!!!! If you've no idea what I'm talking about, following the links as per each reference. These are a couple of viral videos loved by myself and my group of friends. These two videos are the inspiration for my niece's 3rd birthday cake. Plus she loves rainbows and what 3 year old girl doesn't love unicorns! 

For the rainbows, I followed this blog post as a guide. I basically did a round butter cake, halved it and turned it up. Then decorated using plain butter frosting and M&M wannabes (from Aldi). You can obviously use another cake types, be sure to use a dense one (eg. mud cake, banana cake). The recipe for the butter cake and butter frosting I used was from a 2009 Donna Hay Magazine - Kids Edition. I could say all butter cake recipes are the same - but I'd be wrong. Below the version I used. Its a little dry - so definitely good to have the frosting with it. 

So how did you do the unicorn?
For starters, the birthday girl thought it was a cow. Kids - they're so honest!

So how I built the cow/unicorn - 
1. The body I inverted a cupcake/muffin and covered that in fondant.
2. The head I used a friand tin (with cake mixture), turned it on its side, cut a square groove which lets it sit on the inverted muffin (see diagram below - my dodgy graphics job but you get the point)

3. The legs, arms, tail, ears, nostrils and mane are all made from shaping fondant. The horn is a candle. The eyes I used blue sugar sprinkles and black sesame seed. To "glue" everything together I used liquid glucose or light corn syrup. 

For the "clouds", I used white vanilla Persian fairy-floss.

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