Teriyaki Chicken

By Fongolicious - December 02, 2011

Last night was my first attempt at teriyaki chicken from scratch (ie. not the packet stuff). After consulting my Japanese friend Chiharu, and my other not-so-Japanese friend Woman's Weekly Japanese Cookbook, below is my version of teriyaki chicken. It's pretty damn easy. I didn't use much chicken (couple of thigh fillet pieces) so the portions of flavouring will obviously vary on how much meat you have and probably how strong a flavour you want.

3 Tbspn soy sauce
3 Tbspn mirin
2 tspns sugar
2 chicken thigh fillet piece (about 250g) sliced into strips
oil for coating the fry pan

Add soy sauce, mirin and sugar with chicken in a bowl. Stir around and set aside to marinate for around 10 minutes (or more).

Heat a fry pan over high heat, add oil to coat pan with a little extra. Add marinated chicken and any residual marinate juices. It may spit a little. Spread around (don't crowd the pan). Cook the chicken (I really don't need to tell you how to do this). And that's it! Serve how you like - on rice, in sushi, bento box.

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